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Find pets for sell or buy in Sri Lanka

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If you are fond of animals and want to keep them in your house, you can easily find pets for sale in Sri Lanka. They can be anything from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds. Among dogs, some of the most common species are German shepherd, Doberman, Labrador, Lion Shepherd and Dalmatian.

Get Your Pets

If you are someone who loves to keep pets, you can get a lot of variety in Sri Lanka. Dogs are generally the most loveable and hence, are available in a great variety, which includes toys, hounds, terriers, gundogs, working dogs, utility group and non-sporting ones. The prices are in accordance with the breed. Besides dogs, you can also get cats and other animals as pets. The sellers make sure the animal you buy is in proper health, so you need not worry about getting a sick pet home. The veterinary facilities too are good; thus you can be confident about maintaining your pet's health.

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54 Pets Listed

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ID: 43-38446
photo of 43-38446Price (Rs): FixedDistrict : Kandy

animal clinic uayanwatta menikhinna kirimatiya road treatment .

ID: 43-38194
noimagePrice (Rs): 10000District : Colombo

fish tank feet accessories double pump power filter gravel hood aquarium bulb stones .

ID: 43-38126
photo of 43-38126Price (Rs): 000.00District : Gampaha

bullmustiff puppies negombo weeks ween wormed registered rani .

ID: 43-38115
photo of 43-38115Price (Rs): 20000District : Gampaha

month doberman brown puppies adjusted solid food recommended famous veterinary doctor advises genuine .

ID: 43-37049
photo of 43-37049Price (Rs): 85,000District : Ampara

cute healthy english bull puppies ready homes babies home raised potty train side .

ID: 43-37050
photo of 43-37050Price (Rs): 9000District : Gampaha

grown healthy playful lion german shepherd puppies weaned worm treatment panuwan hala kaamata .

ID: 43-36237
noimagePrice (Rs): 000.00District : Gampaha

beagle registered show quality male crossing asanka .

ID: 43-34771
noimagePrice (Rs): 7/-District : Puttalam

colors born fighter fish complete healthy weeks artimeia pairs shoul order .

ID: 43-34741
noimagePrice (Rs): 180District : Colombo

healthy arowana give affordable ready shipping delivery interested .

ID: 43-33894
noimagePrice (Rs): 1500 eachDistrict : Colombo

pair rooster .

ID: 43-33544
noimagePrice (Rs): 00District : Gampaha

giant gouramis blacks orangish white negotiable .

ID: 43-33550
noimagePrice (Rs): 15000/=District : Colombo

feet diamond shape tank roof covered stand pair discus fishes fish breeding photos .

ID: 43-33242
photo of 43-33242Price (Rs): 1000/=District : Gampaha

zebra finch healthy active birds breeding pair .

ID: 43-32247
noimagePrice (Rs): 25,000/-District : Gampaha

grade imported flowerhorn fish buying giving .

ID: 43-31756
photo of 43-31756Price (Rs): 00District : Select District

gaint gouramis size eating fish food meat biscuts kankun cheap .

ID: 43-30981
noimagePrice (Rs): 10500District : Colombo

sizeinches ageabout certificate pricers mobile .

Pets (54)