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Find musical items/ instruments for sale in Sri Lanka

Where can I buy musical items online? How to sell my musical items online? How to advertise my instrument shops ?

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A wide variety of music instruments are available for sale in Sri Lanka. Some of the popular options include lead guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, saxophone, key board etc. These are used by skilled musicians all over the world. You can buy a brand new instrument or go for a used one at affordable prices.

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Sri Lanka is famous for its cultural heritage and its music has its roots in Buddhist religion. However, the true musical evolution of Sri Lanka dates back to 15th Century. While the country always had its own rich folk music, when Portuguese arrived in this Asian country, they introduced western music and the educated class adopted it nicely. African music also influenced the native style and gave birth to a perfect fusion of eastern and western harmony. Some of the variations of folk music found in this nation are Pagentary, Kolam, Nadagam and Sinhala Light Music. There are several institutions in this country where you can learn and explore its rich musical heredity.

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Musical instruments, items or equipments, DJ items and accessories, bands and one-man show or group music can be listed.

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ID: 43-39296
photo of 43-39296Price (Rs): NEGOTIABLEDistrict : Gampaha

share decades extreme music experience specially ultra modern retro hiphop trap twerk electro .

ID: 43-38778
photo of 43-38778Price (Rs): 107000District : Gampaha

home used keyboard perfect owner actual pictures slightly negotiable inspection .

ID: 43-38771
noimagePrice (Rs): 10,000District : Gampaha

parties weddings gettogethers spacial events creative musical entertainment .

ID: 43-38688
noimagePrice (Rs): Rs. 90,000District : Colombo

yamaha digital piano keys stand pedal used touch sensitive keyboard real sound recording .

ID: 43-38264
noimagePrice (Rs): 000000District : Galle

finelines firm established year wealth experience envisaged contribute modern quality based meaningful concepts .

ID: 43-37796
photo of 43-37796Price (Rs): 30000District : Colombo

smooth comfortable playing slim fretboard ideal speed chord techniques accurate carefully used active .

ID: 43-36889
noimagePrice (Rs): Rs. 20,000District : Colombo

channel lexicon omega sound card sold music studio refurbished chamara .

ID: 43-36461
noimagePrice (Rs): 140000District : Colombo

brand numark mixdeck quad universal channel system serato software perform midi interface includes .

ID: 43-36281
noimagePrice (Rs): 65000District : Kalutara

wharfadale evpx double pair peak .

ID: 43-36253
photo of 43-36253Price (Rs): 10000District : Gampaha

roland italy modena srilanka negombo fernando sajith gmail .

ID: 43-36252
noimagePrice (Rs): 100000District : Gampaha

adapter italy modena srilanka negombo .

ID: 43-36052
noimagePrice (Rs): 15000District : Colombo

yamaha keyboards quick dhammika amplifier harman karan .

ID: 43-35789
photo of 43-35789Price (Rs): 155,000District : Gampaha

personal used channel peavy korean speakers brand conditioned .

ID: 43-35775
photo of 43-35775Price (Rs): 35000/- in colombo District : Kalutara

play music songs based chart topping popular hits kinds beats styles swing rock .

ID: 43-35475
noimagePrice (Rs): 0District : Kurunegala

recording studio kuliyapitiya song tracks record compose manjula .

ID: 43-35412
noimagePrice (Rs): 40000District : Colombo

power pack pitch blender floppy disk .

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