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Land For Sale in Moratuwa

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Land of perch located in a pleasant environment adjoing the bolgoda river close by kahpola totupola and tnl institute , is immediately available for sale feet facing to the main road and feet to the river, ideal for residence , business or a project rs oo.
Land For Sale

27 Land For Sale Listed

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ID: 43-38868
photo of 43-38868Price (Rs): 0000District : Colombo

located moratuwa land facing bolgoda river nice surrounding essential facilities sections perches clear .

ID: 43-38524
noimagePrice (Rs): 7 millionDistrict : Colombo

perches prime land residential katubedda moratuwa stadium kzone shopping complex galle road suitable .

ID: 43-38499
noimagePrice (Rs): 295000District : Colombo

land commercial facing piliyandalakaradiyana route suitable house small shop grocery residential routes maharagamapiliyandala .

ID: 43-38401
noimagePrice (Rs): 3000000.00District : Colombo

perch land moratuwa sreemathi road gorakana keselwatta ideal residential purpose genuine buyers appointments .

ID: 43-38040
noimagePrice (Rs): 4.5 LKSDistrict : Colombo

prime perches land situated katubedda kuduwamulla road urban facilities walk galle suitable residential .

ID: 43-35115
noimagePrice (Rs): 600,000 Per PerchDistrict : Colombo

situated heart moratuwa municipal limit proportionally squared land king coconut trees side parapet .

ID: 43-33497
noimagePrice (Rs): 400000 PPDistrict : Kalutara

urgently sell valuable land perches katubadda campus perch highest john rodrigo mawatha moratuwa .

ID: 43-30913
photo of 43-30913Price (Rs): 185,000 per perchDistrict : Colombo

moratuwa kadalana kovila road perches bare land approved clear titles utilities site electricity .

ID: 43-30448
photo of 43-30448Price (Rs): 725,000/- per perch (Negotiable)District : Colombo

perches land bordering bolgoda lake feet frontage moratuwa panadura road gall ldeal tourist .

ID: 43-30053
photo of 43-30053Price (Rs): 30M (Negotiable)District : Colombo

katubadda moratuwa golumadama junction daham mawatha perches galle road bungalow type semiluxury large .

ID: 43-29948
noimagePrice (Rs): 510,000 per perch negotiableDistrict : Colombo

prime rectangular block perches land jubilee road lakshapathiya moratuwa galle proximity kzone stadium .

ID: 43-29666
photo of 43-29666Price (Rs): 400,000.00District : Colombo

perch bare land katubadde moratuwa closed galle road super markets kzone city schools .

ID: 43-27372
photo of 43-27372Price (Rs): 4.5 per perch (negotiable)District : Colombo

situated commercial galle road land located facing rahula katubedde moratuwa municipal council limit .

ID: 43-24302
photo of 43-24302Price (Rs): 3500000District : Colombo

prime perches land situated kadalana moratuwa flat rectangular shap urban facilities route galle .

ID: 43-23203
photo of 43-23203Price (Rs): 9.2 MDistrict : Colombo

perch land house storied shop egodauyana road moratuwa boarded bolgoda river colombo district .

ID: 43-22183
noimagePrice (Rs): 4Laks PPDistrict : Colombo

katubedda moratuwa colombo road kzone super market thuduwanmulla galle walk banks university short .