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Land For Sale in Horana

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Valuable land for sale at gonamulla junction facing gonamulla hiyare main road m from galle udugama main road nice calm environment clear deeds well water,elect,telephone perches .
Land For Sale

69 Land For Sale Listed

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ID: 43-39222
noimagePrice (Rs): 15000District : Colombo

perches land rent commercial work located yakahaluwa face maharagamahorana thalagalakottawa route electricity links .

ID: 43-39126
noimagePrice (Rs): highest offerDistrict : Colombo

colombohorana road meter kottawamtlavinia piliyandala colombo fort maharagama galle kottawa kahathuduwa highway entrance .

ID: 43-38490
photo of 43-38490Price (Rs): 0000District : Kalutara

perches land house completed kalutara horana road galle electricity supply surrounded parapet .

ID: 43-38455
noimagePrice (Rs): 5 mDistrict : Kalutara

situated royal garden perches horana police station taxila maha vidyalaya janadhipathi pipe electricity .

ID: 43-38454
noimagePrice (Rs): 7 mDistrict : Kalutara

situated poruwedanada horana panadura rathnpura highway road cultivated plantation bear coconut fruit trees .

ID: 43-38175
photo of 43-38175Price (Rs): 1950000District : Colombo

clear deeds peaceful environment respectable neighbors pipe system inland electricity proper drain feet .

ID: 43-36689
noimagePrice (Rs): 1550000District : Colombo

perchase land facing nice paddy field closed horana colombo highway koralaima kahathuduwa entrance .

ID: 43-36574
noimagePrice (Rs): negotiableDistrict : Kalutara

land located thakshila uyana horana pase electricity road famous schools perfect build ideal .

ID: 43-36533
noimagePrice (Rs): Rs.48000 (Negotiable) District : Kalutara

perch land gangani moragahahena horana maharagama route padukka negotiable .

ID: 43-36309
noimagePrice (Rs): NegotiableDistrict : Colombo

perch commercial land hart piliyandala situated selylan dfcc peoples bank electricity transformer front .

ID: 43-34404
noimagePrice (Rs): 7,200,000District : Kalutara

horana urban council colombo road beautiful paddy field perches apply school .

ID: 43-34025
noimagePrice (Rs): 2500000District : Kalutara

acre land horana lacks .

ID: 43-33892
noimagePrice (Rs): 195000.00 per perchDistrict : Colombo

kottawa brahmanagama wicramage mawatha kottawahorana road junction land electricity .

ID: 43-33790
photo of 43-33790Price (Rs): 3,500,000/-District : Kalutara

perch land peaceful environment electricity panadurahorana road chandimal .

ID: 43-33466
noimagePrice (Rs): 700000District : Kalutara

perch land poruwadanda junction horana rathnapura road feet .

ID: 43-33028
noimagePrice (Rs): 65,000 per perchDistrict : Kalutara

perch land thalagala horana .