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Find valuable lands for sale in Sri Lanka

How to sell / advertise my land online? Where can I buy commercial land for sale ?

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Good land for sale in Sri Lanka is very common. You will get land-orientation of every kind. Sea-facing land as well as land with hills as backdrop is available. They are situated in prime locations from where markets, shopping malls, schools, banks etc are near. Plots are available is isolated areas as well.

A Wide Range of Land Available for Sale

A wide variety of land and properties are up for sale in Sri Lanka. These are of varying acres and thus can be bought and used for different purposes. You can buy them for building your own personal home or setting up an office complex. You can get bare land anywhere in the country, be it Hantana, Indigolla or Anuradhapura. Their rates are also quite affordable and so, it can be a wise decision to invest in them. The value of a property only increases with time; therefore, you should make hay while the sun shines and put your money in a land for sale.

What can I advertise here ?

Any type of lands such as commercial, residential, agricultural can be listed here.
Land For Sale

1731 Land For Sale Listed

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ID: 43-39632
noimagePrice (Rs): 1100000District : Colombo

located siymblagashandiya jalthara environment decent government servants neighbors calm countryside built highway road .

ID: 43-39628
noimagePrice (Rs): 220000District : Kandy

heerassagala perches immediately land stand reliable easy reach kandy beautiful view clean calm .

ID: 43-39626
noimagePrice (Rs): 1 lac pre perchDistrict : Matara

land acre paddy flat located adjacent nilwala river access boat riverwith panoramic uninterrupted .

ID: 43-39603
noimagePrice (Rs): 1200000District : Gampaha

perch bare land magalegoda veyangoda railway station marapola junction .

ID: 43-39596
photo of 43-39596Price (Rs): 100000District : Colombo

bare land welmilla junction kasbawa bandaragama road silent facilities ideal place build beautiful .

ID: 43-39583
photo of 43-39583Price (Rs): Rs 1,32,000,000District : Kalutara

excellent investment busy kalutara city tranquil heart located perches flat level site positioned .

ID: 43-39581
photo of 43-39581Price (Rs): 0District : Anuradhapura

land anuradhapura maradankadawala acres house electricity residential commercial clear deed negotiable .

ID: 43-39577
photo of 43-39577Price (Rs): 3900000District : Colombo

perches land homagama diyagama mahinda rajapaksa stadium root facility electricity hear clean documents .

ID: 43-39578
photo of 43-39578Price (Rs): Rs. 2,700,000District : Gampaha

usawiya road pearl court land colombo negambo katunayaka express peaceful decent neighborhood residential .

ID: 43-39571
photo of 43-39571Price (Rs): 110,000,000District : Kurunegala

udadigana children’ park kurunagala puttlam super highway saragama tank address junction road extent .

ID: 43-39560
photo of 43-39560Price (Rs): Rs. 22000 per perchDistrict : Kalutara

perches land residential paddy field bare horanacolombo road horanapanadura ratnapura panadura panaduraanguruwatota feet .

ID: 43-39479
noimagePrice (Rs): 3500000District : Kalutara

perch flat bare land pokunuwita horana lanka kulupana juction panadura road electricity access .

ID: 43-39451
photo of 43-39451Price (Rs): 400000District : Colombo

colombo kandy road separate access land gate parapet wall calm quiet environment perch .

ID: 43-39440
noimagePrice (Rs): 1300000District : Colombo

perch commercial land thalahena junction feet front edge type purpose urgent .

ID: 43-39397
noimagePrice (Rs): 165000District : Badulla

bare land gaswatha bandarawela electricity welimada road teed sinnakkara flat brokers clear roads .

ID: 43-39394
noimagePrice (Rs): 100000District : Matara

land suitable commercial purposes specially hotel situated nearby small lake galle matara road .