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Bikes For Sale in Kandy ( Maha Nuwara )

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Pulsar bike available for sale in sri lanka only km done negotiable price urgent sale wo xxxx number cp registration license and insurance up to june good condition call now lareef or or if one number not working try other numbers .
Bikes For Sale

27 Bikes For Sale Listed

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ID: 43-38894
photo of 43-38894Price (Rs): 110000District : Kandy

number plate gears information naheem .

ID: 43-38880
noimagePrice (Rs): 50000District : Kandy

yamaha double disc licen date english number showroom repairs ride .

ID: 43-38711
noimagePrice (Rs): 8000District : Kandy

tomahawk japanese mountain bike negotiable sales peradeniya kandy real pictures information response drop .

ID: 43-38247
noimagePrice (Rs): 195000District : Kandy

yamaha lanza japan year kilometers slight useage reason selling long working country vacation .

ID: 43-34906
noimagePrice (Rs): 120000.00District : Kandy

cpvl carefully used motorbike sold .

ID: 43-33428
photo of 43-33428Price (Rs): 48000District : Kandy

stickers battery license insurance .

ID: 43-32982
photo of 43-32982Price (Rs): 173000District : Kandy

pulsar bike lanka negotiable urgent number registration license insurance june lareef working numbers .

ID: 43-31739
photo of 43-31739Price (Rs): 70000District : Kandy

kinetic scooter pice kandy katugastota .

ID: 43-25799
photo of 43-25799Price (Rs): 170000District : Kandy

pulsar digitel colourblack cpti used .

ID: 43-25801
photo of 43-25801Price (Rs): 77000District : Kandy

cpho colourblack usedggod condisn .

ID: 43-24187
photo of 43-24187Price (Rs): 300000 LKRDistrict : Kandy

excellent communicating appreciated chamind yahoo .

ID: 43-23635
noimagePrice (Rs): 80000District : Kandy

running bike imported koria brad year .

ID: 43-23623
photo of 43-23623Price (Rs): 110000District : Kandy

alloy wheel disk brake mileage dulshan .

ID: 43-22134
photo of 43-22134Price (Rs): 97000/=District : Kandy

disk break brand millage home registered quick .

ID: 43-21170
photo of 43-21170Price (Rs): 120000.00District : Kandy

bike excellent info .

ID: 43-20760
photo of 43-20760Price (Rs): 119000District : Kandy

alloy wheel black engine kmrs kumara emailktdammika gmail .