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Find automobiles at bargain price in Sri Lanka.

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Automobiles in Sri Lanka are available in a wide range. You will get everything from Sedan and Sports Utility Vehicle to Multiple Utility Vehicle and Limousine on hire-purchase as well as for sale. Both pre-owned and first-hand cars are available. If you wish, you can test-drive the car of your choice.

Buying Autos in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for automobiles, you need not worry because there is a lot of variety on offer, that you can choose from. You can get everything from a vintage car, classy sedan or a sports utility vehicle to a multi-utility one. You may also opt to buy an old car. All you need to do is choose a brand, and visit its official dealers. The manufacturers offer all the necessary insurances and warranties involved in automobile sale in the country. You can have a test drive and choose your car only after you are completely satisfied with it.

What can I advertise here ?

Used or new vehicles, registered or brand new autos, vans, jeeps , 3 wheelers and lorries can be listed.

710 Automobiles Listed

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ID: 42-7296
photo of 42-7296Year: 1907Model: KiaMileage : 17200 kmDistrict : Gampaha

model auto tiptronic smart push button cruise control switchable traction running lights electricchromic .

ID: 42-7293
photo of 42-7293Year: 1986Model: MazdaMileage : 00 kmDistrict : Matara

mazda familia hatchback metalic silver running tyres liter doors rear wiper accident tinkering .

ID: 42-7294
noimageYear: 1997Model: ToyotaMileage : 100000 kmDistrict : Kalutara

toyota dyna gaxxx roof door face manual owner wadduwa .

ID: 42-7291
noimageYear: 1907Model: MazdaMileage : 300000 kmDistrict : Colombo

excellent engine power steering shutter front diesel dual purpose seat rows negotiable inspection .

ID: 42-7290
photo of 42-7290Year: 1993Model: ToyotaMileage : 250000 kmDistrict : Gampaha

toyota townace lotto owner lanka carefully home used vehicle diesel manual light front .

ID: 42-7289
photo of 42-7289Year: 1991Model: IsuzuMileage : 0 kmDistrict : Galle

isuzu lorry ambalangda number person dayawansha vehicle ambalangoda date negotiable transmission manual fuel .

ID: 42-7284
noimageYear: 2008Model: MitsubishiMileage : 96200 kmDistrict : Colombo

mitsubishi montero sport brand excellent personal vehicle dual bags conditioned power steering mirrors .

ID: 42-7283
photo of 42-7283Year: 1997Model: ToyotaMileage : 0 kmDistrict : Gampaha

important notes higher offers replaced provide bills proof worth maxxis tires radiator .

ID: 42-7280
photo of 42-7280Year: 2000Model: HyundaiMileage : 0 kmDistrict : Colombo

registered year option seats player security alarm system excellent quick money needed urgently .

ID: 42-7274
noimageYear: 1994Model: MitsubishiMileage : 200000 kmDistrict : Kurunegala

mitsubishi intercooler seater brand limited option manual transmission roof dual radio cassette player .

ID: 42-7273
noimageYear: 1907Model: Aston MartinMileage : 19200 kmDistrict : Colombo

viva elite year registered owner silver auto tires reverse sensors option lady driven .

ID: 42-7272
noimageYear: 2010Model: OtherMileage : 25000 kmDistrict : Colombo

micro geely mark excellent kuxxxx company maintained millage owner silver maduranga manufacture year .

ID: 42-7270
photo of 42-7270Year: 2007Model: MazdaMileage : 610000 kmDistrict : Colombo

mazda model auto gear mirror shutters changer speakers radio reverse censer security system .

ID: 42-7268
photo of 42-7268Year: 2002Model: SuzukiMileage : 140000 kmDistrict : Colombo

suzuki swift kaxxxx japan manufacture year registered dual bags side antenna power shatter .

ID: 42-7267
noimageYear: 1989Model: IsuzuMileage : 199854 kmDistrict : Gampaha

isuzu gemini xxxrn option manual white diesel turbo battery economical vehicle fuel negotiable .

ID: 42-7264
photo of 42-7264Year: 2007Model: SuzukiMileage : 126000 Km kmDistrict : Kandy

suzuki petrol auto automatic year pdxxxx owner player japan silver personal home nego .